Developing invoice factoring solutions for over 28 years.

WinFactor™ has been at the forefront of innovation by setting the bar for what transportation factoring software should do for factors. Our focus is on delivering the most comprehensive invoice factoring solutions that are simple to use and easy to setup. Our customer relationships are measured in decades because of our commitment to excellence and superior customer service. See our Client Case Studies.

“Since partnering with WinFactor in 2007, Capital Depot has experienced remarkable growth.”

“The platform’s cutting-edge credit and fraud features have not only supported our internal operations but have also elevated the experience for our clients through our client portal. The responsiveness of WinFactor™ in incorporating crucial TMS integrations has been pivotal for our clients’ needs. Choosing WinFactor™ has proven to be a strategic advantage, and we’re delighted with our ongoing partnership.”

Anca Constantin
Vice President, Capital Depot

It’s never easy to make a software conversion. WinFactor made it as easy as possible

“We knew that our current software wasn’t meeting our needs. We did a full evaluation of different vendors in the marketplace and WinFactor won out. The features of WinFactor won us over. It’s never easy to make a software conversion. WinFactor made it as easy as possible. They greatly supported us in moving information from our existing software. WinFactor includes a lot of the features without the need to purchase additional modules. The reporting tools within WinFactor are great. Their reporting tools allow me to ensure our financials are in order. Having the ability to generate reports in seconds and export to QuickBooks makes it easy for me to reconcile financials. When you are trying to reconcile thousands of transactions WinFactor’s reporting makes all the difference in the world. My employees love Document Inflow. Being able to easily make any needed adjustments to the paperwork and send invoices to customers automatically saves them time. WinFactor is a very efficient and user-friendly software with numerous features and great reporting.”

Ron Gabbai
Managing Member, G Squared Funding

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I have been a WinFactor client for over 25 years due to its ease of use and the constant improvements they make to the platform.

“I like the way the logic flows in WinFactor, its ease of use and simplicity are key to what makes it a great software for factors. The conversion process is easier than most think it will be. The WinFactor team makes that process as seamless as possible. WinFactor’s software is easy to train, when we onboard new staff, they are proficient by the end of their first week.”

Mickey Seeman
Owner, Sunbelt Finance

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“WinFactor has always felt like a partner coming alongside us to help us succeed.”

“I have used WinFactor™ at companies both big and small from startups to publicly traded. WinFactor™ is a great partner to work with regardless of your organization’s size. I oversaw the conversion of a very large organization over to WinFactor™. They created solutions to overcome obstacles in the data conversion and provided onsite training to our staff. WinFactor’s expertise in Factoring made this conversion as seamless as possible. Winfactor™ is always looking for ways to improve their client’s experience and they partner with us to create solutions that enable us to effectively manage our business and meet the ever changing expectations of our client’s. Their knowledge and expertise of the Factoring industry sets them apart. WinFactor’s software is straightforward and easy to use. It doesn’t necessitate a lot of training when compared to other systems. Reports are easily accessible helping you monitor and mitigate risk.

WinFactor has always felt like a partner coming alongside us to help us succeed.”

Derwin Brendle
25 Year Factoring Executive

“My employees celebrated our move to WinFactor™.”

“We were drowning in paperwork and we knew we needed to go paperless. I did an evaluation of four different factoring software companies. That evaluation led me to WinFactor™ being the best available software for our business. I realized that WinFactor™ was better than our existing software and the only thing keeping me was the existing integrations we had in place. So I reached out to WinFactor™ and they ensured all the needed integrations were in place and made our conversion process as seamless as possible. I trust WinFactor™. They are always available to support us. Their expertise in the industry allows me to feel confident in the platform and the data it holds for us.

My employees celebrated our move to WinFactor. Document Inflow has really helped make their workday as efficient as possible.”

Tyler Dossett
Wallace Factoring

The Credit Alliance within WinFactor has provided us significantly better insights into the credit of a debtor than a credit report.

“WinFactor™ caters to freight factors better than any other software we have found. WinFactor™ enables us, as a smaller sized factoring business, to provide the same software functionality to our clients that a large-scale factoring company provides. The ability to fund our clients outside of banking hours, via WinFactorPay, has been a game changer for us. By offering outstanding customer service, combined with WinFactorPay’s 24/7 funding option, we are creating more loyalty amongst our clients. WinFactor’s credit and fraud data has been critical in operating in this much higher risk environment in transportation factoring. The technology a Factor uses is paramount. WinFactor™ helps us stay on the cutting edge of technology advancements in this space. The Credit Alliance within WinFactor™ has provided us significantly better insights into the credit of a debtor than a credit report.

WinFactor supports us in mitigating our risks through the information provided by the credit alliance.”

Trace Reddick
Risk Management Officer, Dorado Finance

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WinFactor™ has been a leader in developing factoring solutions for years. Our invoice factoring solutions are built specifically for the transportation factor. That is why every feature and function is designed to make workflow easier and faster for your industry.