WinFactorPay Digital Wallet

Fund directly to your client’s digital wallet

WinFactorPay revolutionizes factoring by offering an all-in-one solution: a digital wallet seamlessly integrated with white-labeled reloadable prepaid cards. Experience unparalleled speed in funding, on-demand access, and the ability to create a new revenue stream by sharing in transaction fees.

Our cutting-edge factoring payments software empowers your clients, granting them complete control over fund distribution. From the digital wallet, clients can request ACH and Wire transfers, fund Fuel cards, and transfer funds to their cards. With real-time funding accessibility 24/7, the prepaid card delivers a substantial competitive advantage, allowing funding even outside traditional banking hours. Discover the future of financial flexibility with WinFactorPay.

  • Funding to the digital wallet is instant and gives you a competitive edge.

  • WinFactorPay creates the option to fund outside of traditional banking hours.
  • As a Factor, you set the fee you want to earn for clients moving money on and off cards.

  • Earn additional revenue off the qualifying spend on your client cards.

  • Fees you earn off of WinFactorPay can easily offset the yearly cost of the software subscription.

“The ability to fund our clients outside of banking hours, via WinFactorPay, has been a game changer for us.” 

“By offering outstanding customer service, combined with WinFactor Pay’s 24/7 funding option, we are creating more loyalty amongst our clients. WinFactor’s credit and fraud data has been critical in operating in this much higher risk environment in transportation factoring.”

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Trace Reddick
Risk Management Officer, Dorado Finance

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WinFactor™ has been the leader in the factoring payments software space for years. Our software is built specifically for the Transportation Factor. That is why every feature and function is designed to make your workflow easier and faster.