Integrated Credit and Fraud System
The Credit Alliance

Integrated Credit and Fraud System

Stop paying for third party credit sources.

Unlock the full potential of your subscription with WinFactor’s integrated credit and fraud system, a true game-changer for your business. Access the industry’s premier credit data right at your fingertips, providing real-time risk alerts during the purchase process in WinFactor™. Our infrastructure is purpose-built to facilitate the sharing of debtor payment information among members of our esteemed Credit Alliance. This alliance isn’t just a name; it represents a united front against fraud, where factor members collaborate to share vital information on debtors. Our crowdsourced credit data derives from two potent sources and is accessed in two locations within the software factoring platform.

The first source taps into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), delivering a nightly feed that updates broker authority status and registration information within our credit system daily. The second source is fueled by the enormous volume of daily payments entered in our platform, contributing to our extensive credit database. The combined strength of our Credit Alliance not only empowers your back office buying decisions, but also extends its reach to the Client Portal. The Credit Alliance data informs your ‘Buy’ ‘No Buy’ or ‘Call First’ credit status visible in the Client Portal credit search, not only for debtors within your database, but across the entire FMCSA database. It’s a game-changer in informed credit decision-making and it is unique to WinFactor™.

WinFactor’s Credit Alliance and Early Alert system offers the industry’s best risk mitigation through real time alerts that can save you thousands in external credit searches and reducing bad debt.

  • Debtor Information 

  • Credit Status (Buy, No Buy and Call First)

  • Average Days to Pay

  • Recent Load Numbers 

  • Rate Sheet verification 

  • Federal Motor Carrier Broker Authority

  • Early Alert System

Our credit system is seamlessly integrated into our factoring software, eliminating the need for additional costs associated with external credit searches or the purchase of supplementary modules. At WinFactor, we deliver the freshest and most actionable credit insights without any extra financial burden.

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Buy, No Buy, Call First 

Leverage data from your fellow factors to make informed decisions. WinFactor™ gives you more smart data than any other software factoring platform so that you can factor with confidence.

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software factoring app

Average days to pay

Average days to pay shown in the integrated credit system is the most up-to-date data in the market. See the average amount of time your debtors are taking to pay, down to the decimal point. WinFactor’s Credit Alliance is a powerful tool to help you succeed.

Notes and Reasons for Credit Rating

WinFactor’s Credit alliance provides you powerful crowdsourced data from your peers. See detailed information on why your clients have received the credit rating they have been given. Our nightly feed from the Federal Motor Carrier Division combined with the detailed information from other Factors, gives you the most comprehensive tools on the market to make informed funding decisions.

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Recent Load Numbers

WinFactor™ provides our factors with the most powerful and comprehensive fraud prevention data on the market. Within our credit system, you can see recent load numbers sequences used by brokers. This will help you spot fraudulent load numbers and validate the rate sheets submitted to you. WinFactor’s Credit Alliance gives you an all-in-one solution for all your factoring software needs.

“The Credit Alliance within WinFactor has provided us significantly better insights into the credit of a debtor than a credit report.”

“WinFactor™ caters to freight factors better than any other software we have found. WinFactor’s credit and fraud data has been critical in operating in this much higher risk environment in transportation factoring. WinFactor™ supports us in mitigating our risks through the information provided by the credit alliance.”

Trace Reddick
Risk Management Officer, Dorado Finance

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WinFactor™ has been the leader in this space for years. Our software factoring platform is built specifically for the Transportation Factor. That is why every feature and function is designed to make your workflow easier and faster. Schedule a demo today.