Why pay more for 3rd party invoice & billing automation software?

Doc Inflow is included within WinFactor’s all-in-one invoice financing platform.

WinFactor digitally processes invoice documents, stamps and attaches the Factor’s invoice and NOA, and sends it off to billing.

  • Image Processing

  • Email Account Rep 

  • Email Document Inflow 

  • SpreadsheetInvoice Entry

  • iOS / Android App

  • Bulk Document Upload

  • TMS Integration

Flexible Invoice Submission 

Our All-In-One Document Inflow system gives you seven different ways to submit invoices into our system. 

Our proprietary Document Inflow system uses OCR for fast and accurate data entry. It calculates the client’s credit limits and total AR during the purchase process, while accessing fraud and golden documents to avoid buying an invoice that has a fraudulent rate sheet.

Manually inputting invoices and other data into your factoring system is time-consuming, creates inefficiencies and costs you money. Our Document Inflow system is designed to make your staff more efficient, speed up the process and help minimize errors. If you are drowning in paperwork and archaic processes, we are here to help. Make the switch to WinFactor™ and see why transportation factors prefer our invoice financing platform to run their businesses.

“My employees celebrated our move to WinFactor. Document Inflow has really helped make their workday as efficient as possible.”

“We were drowning in paperwork and we knew we needed to go paperless. WinFactor’s Document Inflow was life changing for us. I did an evaluation of four different factoring software companies. That evaluation led me to WinFactor being the best available software for our business.”

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WinFactor™ has been the leader in this space for years. Our invoice financing software is built specifically for the Transportation Factor. That is why every feature and function of our invoice financing platform is designed to make your workflow easier and faster.