Customer Factoring Software:

Your Client’s Portal

Access the Client Portal effortlessly using a desktop web browser or a mobile device to ensure uninterrupted business operations. Our client portal offers a versatile platform for submitting invoices through various methods, including spreadsheet uploads, bulk submissions, smartphone image uploads, and more. With an array of detailed reports and concentration graphs at your clients disposal, they can effortlessly track invoice status, payments, and collections. Within our customer factoring software, your clients can run credit searches on the entire Federal Motor Carrier Database to determine your ‘Buy’, ‘No Buy’ or ‘Call First’ credit status.


  • Your own internal credit score returned on the entire FMCSA database – not just the debtors in your own database

  • Ability for your client to do their due diligence on a broker through the FMCSA data feed in the client portal credit search screen

  • Financial exports for your clients’ book keeping

  • Virtual Client Wallet for 24/7 access to their funds which can be moved to a reloadable prepaid card

  • Client Wallet and Prepaid Card work together to facilitate 24/7 funding

  • Easy Invoice and paperwork submission by spreadsheet, TMS, mobile device

Your clients can proactively safeguard their transactions by utilizing the fraud mitigation tools within our Credit Alliance.

1. Compare Load Numbers: Clients can easily cross-reference a broker’s most recent load number sequence entered into WinFactor™ with the load number they see on a load board. This ensures consistency and helps detect any irregularities or discrepancies.

2. Rate Sheet Comparison: Clients can compare a broker’s legitimate rate confirmation sheet, known as a “Golden Document,” with any rate sheet they may be considering from a load board. This side-by-side analysis offers a way to spot potential fraudulent rate sheets.

Providing these invaluable tools to your clients, increase their loyalty to your business.

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customer factoring software
customer factoring software
With the WinFactor™ mobile app you can easily search invoices, access the Credit Alliance, upload invoices and check balances. Offer your clients WinFactor’s mobile app to make their invoice submission easier and  optimize their workflow. Available for iOS and Android. 

White Labeling

WinFactor’s white label program includes the Client Portal and WinFactorPay. Consider the Client Portal as the face of your business, shaping your clients’ daily interactions. Our objective is to allow your clients to conveniently self-service their account in the Client Portal, while reducing phone calls and emails to your account reps. Present your business in the best light with a visually appealing landing page that can be customized to match your brand’s identity. As your sales team brings in new clients, WinFactor’s customer factoring software will impress them with the extensive capabilities and services of your business.

Digital Wallet

The WinFactor Client Portal introduces WinFactorPay, a digital funding program that redefines speed and convenience in the industry. Combining the capabilities of a digital wallet and a reloadable prepaid card, WinFactorPay offers the fastest funding option available. As soon as a representative approves an invoice for funding, your clients will be notified instantly that their funds are in their digital wallet, ready for immediate use. They can transfer these funds in real-time to your custom-branded reloadable prepaid card for instant spending.

The flexibility of WinfactorPay puts your clients in complete control of their fund distribution, allowing them to make requests for ACH, Wire, and Fuel Card transfers, directly from their digital wallet.

WinFactorPay is designed with your clients in mind, and there are compelling reasons for you to love it too! Not only does it provide you as the factor with a new revenue stream generated from the qualifying spend on the cards, but it also increases your fee revenue with the introduction of card funding fees. With such a game-changing offering, your sales team is poised for remarkable success in promoting your customer factoring app to clients. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business and delight your clients with this innovative solution. Learn more about WinFactorPay.

“I have been a WinFactor client for over 25 years due to its ease of use and the constant improvements they make to the platform.”

“I like the way the logic flows in WinFactor, its ease of use and simplicity are key to what makes it a great software for factors. The conversion process is easier than most think it will be. The WinFactor team makes that process as seamless as possible. WinFactor’s software is easy to train, when we onboard new staff, they are proficient by the end of their first week.”

Mickey Seeman

Owner, Sunbelt Finance

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customer factoring app
customer factoring app Winfactor

WinFactor™ has been the leader in this space for years. Our customer factoring software is built specifically for the Transportation Factor. That is why every feature and function is designed to make your workflow easier and faster.