Factor accounting software built with customizable collections teams

Whether you have a single collections person or a team, WinFactor’s factor accounting software allows you to filter by clients, debtors or account rep groups so that you can optimize your workflow. WinFactor’s flexibility enables you to segregate rep groups by multiple criteria such as language, industry and region.


One of the unique features of our factor accounting software is the option to filter by next action date, age, invoice date, advance date, invoice due date, by client, by debtor, amount and by rep/rep groups. Our collections system allows you to email a debtor straight from the collections screen a pdf or an excel spreadsheet of outstanding invoices. The WinFactor™ Customer Portal allows Debtors to easily update payment status. Connect with us to see a demo today.


With a single click, our funding system creates NACHA files for batch uploading of all the ACH transactions in a single file per day. This eliminates the time-consuming process of hand keying ACH payment info into templates and eliminates human keying errors. WinFactor™ can even batch multiple wires into a single wire file. Schedule a demo today.

One Easy System

WinFactor™ users can easily speed through invoice entry, credit verification, purchasing, funding, billing, receipts and collections. All in one platform, without having to use another third party vendor. We keep it simple.

White Label

WinFactor’s white label program includes the Client Portal and WinFactorPay. WinFactorPay is a branded reloadable prepaid card offering fast funding and revenue share to the Factor. Our White Labeling service is free for IFA members!

“It’s never easy to make a software conversion. WinFactor made it as easy as possible”

“We knew that our current software wasn’t meeting our needs. We did a full evaluation of different vendors in the marketplace and WinFactor won out. The features of WinFactor™ won us over. WinFactor™ includes a lot of the features without the need to purchase additional modules. The reporting tools within WinFactor™ are great. Their reporting tools allow me to ensure our financials are in order.”

Ron Gabbai
Managing Member, G Squared Funding

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factor accounting software WinFactor

WinFactor™ has been the leader in the factor accounting software space for years. Our software is built specifically for the Transportation Factor. That is why every feature and function is designed to make your workflow easier and faster.