Learn how your team will use the best invoice factoring software:

Operations Team Tools

Customizable Fees

  • Time-based fees with partial payments

  • Cash reserve calculations

  • Negative cash reserve fees

  • Transaction fees (Factoring fees)

  • Negative invoice fees

  • Funding fees for ACH, wire, fuel cards, rush, checks, reloadable prepaid card

  • Cash, Fuel & non-factor advance fees

  • Automatic one-time & periodic charges

  • Broker & sales commission fees


  • Highly configurable collections pipeline

  • Track clients, debtors, and sub-debtors, number of invoices, accounts receivable and fees

  • Maintain visibility into your accounts receivable

  • Charge back management

  • WinFactor’s proprietary Next Action Date workflow and highly configurable collection groups

Invoice Delivery Workflow

  • Single click bulk email delivery

Relationship Configuration 

  • Create unlimited unique time-based fee terms, and non-time-based terms, configurable for unlimited clients and customers.

  • Fee accounting can be configured on a client-by-client basis for separate tracking

  • Create standard payment terms and QuickPay terms for carriers in which you manage the payments to both the broker and carrier

  • Perform bulk updates to all client fees and terms with a single click of a button

Credit and Fraud Tools

  • NOA contacts

  • Invoice delivery emails

  • Compare bonafide rate sheets with new ones

  • Recent load numbers

Notice of Assignment Workflow

  • Review NOA contact within our credit alliance

  • Automatic NOA entry when a new client customer relationship is established

  • Customizable NOA templates with mail merge and digital signatures

  • Letter of Release addendum to NOA used in buyouts

  • NOA can be inserted with every invoice

Factor’s Stamp and Factor’s Invoice

  • Factor’s invoice can be added to every invoice on an advance schedule with a single click

  • Digitally stamp client’s invoice with the Factor’s stamp with assignment and remittance information

Manager Workflow

WinFactor’s unique Workflow Screens is part of what makes it the best invoice factoring software. You can populate tasks each day so no responsibility gets overlooked. Workflow screens allow for efficient use of employee groups and assignments. Managers can easily monitor progress of task completion each day.

Workflow Tools

  • Invoice import (Configure by rep group or client)

  • Invoice verification

  • Notice of assignment

  • Funding

  • Invoice delivery

  • Missing paperwork

  • Collections (Configure by collection group)

Workflow Tools

  • Group credit management workflow screens by…

    • Customer credit status
    • Customers payment behavior
    • Broker authority status
    • Carrier authority status
    • Risk alerts
  • Client requests

  • New customer processing

  • End of day accounting posting

Reports for all aspects of your business

Part of what makes WinFactor™ the best factoring software is that it has 286 different reports allowing you to slice the data any way you need to. Easily access both internal and client facing reports, to maximize the information you and your customers have to make decisions.

Security is our priority 

WinFactor™ is built on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) SOC2 Type 2 secure environment to ensure the highest level of security and compliance. Learn more about our security and technology.
best invoice factoring software security

Sales Workflow

Sales Tools

WinFactor’s integrated CRM is part of what makes us the best invoice factoring software.

  • Prospect screen enabling sales to track recruitment sources and next steps on leads

  • Seamless Integration. With the click of a button a prospects agreement is converted into an active client within our software

  • Mobile client app for both iOS and Android

  • Mobile device friendly client portal

Client Portal

  • Pull the credit score for the FMCSA database

  • Provide clients the ability to conduct due diligence on a broker via our FMCSA data feed

  • Review recent load numbers and true broker rate sheets to avoid fraudulent rate sheet scams

  • Financial exports for your clients’ book keeping

  • Virtual client wallet provides 24/7 access to funds with the ability to fund a prepaid card

  • Easy invoice and paperwork submission by spreadsheet, TMS, and mobile device


  • WinFactor’s Guardrails help your team manage compliance with alerts and reminders

  • Audit trails throughout the software assist managers with accountability and training

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

WinFactor™ has an integration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to receive the latest information on carriers, brokers and shippers. Any changes in broker status will atomically be updated within our credit and fraud tools to ensure you never buy an invoice from a disqualified broker.

User Alerts and System Reminders

  • No buy alert or no buy block

  • UCC filing expiration

  • Carrier insurance expiration

  • Client, customer and client/customer credit review dates

  • Client, customer and client/customer credit limit approach

  • Client, customer, client/customer over credit limit

  • Customer AR insurance limits

  • Invoice verification reminders configurable by client, customer and by client/customer relationship

  • Credit alert when another factor in the Credit Alliance has moved a customer to “No Buy”

  • Client request from the Client Portal to assign a new Customer to their profile

  • Alert when a client submits invoices from the Client Portal or an integrated TMS

  • Missing NOA alert

  • Invoice delivery task reminder

Integrated Credit System

  • Algorithms automate your credit scores by leveraging the credit alliance payment data across the entire FMCSA database – not just the debtors known to you in your database

  • FMCSA daily data feed monitors lost broker authority for an immediate No Buy credit calculation

  • Our integrated credit system provides insight to potential trouble ahead by signaling changes in payment behavior, invoice volume, increases in collection notes, and creeping average days to pay

  • Available 3rd party credit reporting integrations

    • Ansonia
    • Factors Network
    • CreditSafe

Customer Support

Support Team

  • US based support team via phone and email

  • Hundreds of support articles and training videos

  • Ticket support system for fast online responses

  • User webinars and online newsletter highlighting new features

  • Detailed onboarding checklist

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WinFactor™ has been the leader in this space for years. We offer the best invoice factoring software and are built specifically for the Transportation Factor. That is why every feature and function is designed to make your workflow easier and faster. Schedule a demo today.