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Elevate your operations with features designed exclusively for transportation factoring. Mitigate risk, manage credit and process paperwork with our software for factoring companies. WinFactor™ manages your invoice verification, NOA and invoice delivery, missing paperwork and fundings. Effortless receipt posting and invoice settlement, with precise calculations of fees, reserves, rebates and reports. It’s all seamlessly at your disposal.

WinFactor™ is the best factoring software, because we give you every tool you need to run your business, stay organized and reduce risk. WinFactor’s suite of tools gives your operations, management, sales and treasury teams all of the necessary features and functionality to manage documents, customer relationships and all your funding needs. Learn more how your teams will use WinFactor™ to make their jobs easier.

Our Invoice Financing Platform harnesses real-time data feeds from public resources, combined with insights from industry peers, to furnish you with dependable intelligence on debtors. The integrated credit and fraud system also offers your clients around-the-clock access to real-time credit information in the Client Portal. Learn more about our fraud features.

Our invoice financing platform provides seven different ways to submit invoices into our system; giving you a competitive edge. Easily edit and manage your documents with our built-in PDF Editor. Our Document Inflow System leverages OCR and Artificial Intelligence to read invoice data into WinFactor™. While an invoice is being processed, our algorithms alert the user of both the client’s and debtor’s credit limit and outstanding AR. Learn more about our invoice submission.

Our industry best factoring software harnesses the power of crowdsourced data so that you can make educated decisions. Our Credit Alliance shares bonafide rate sheets from brokers. Spot fraudulent rate sheets leveraging our “Golden Documents” verification. Learn more about our Golden Documents.

The Client Portal is your storefront and how your clients experience your business everyday. Put your best foot forward with a beautiful landing page that can be white labeled to match your brand or leverage our iOS/Android Apps.

Provide your clients the most comprehensive credit search tool on the market. The Client Portal offers versatile invoice submission options, ensuring the flexibility your carriers require. Our portal is further augmented by our WinFactorPay program. This innovative funding program seamlessly integrates with the Client Portal, establishing a digital wallet for your clients empowering them with complete control over fund distribution. Learn more about the Client Portal.

WinFactor™ creates multiple efficiencies for your collections team. Within our factoring company software you can directly send emails to debtors from the collections screen, attaching PDFs or spreadsheets that detail outstanding invoices.

You have the flexibility to filter collections based on a multitude of criteria, including age, invoice date, advance date, invoice due date, client, customer, sales representative, amount, and next action date. Meanwhile, our funding system streamlines the process by automatically generating NACHA and wire files. Learn more about our Collections and Treasury features.

Our factoring programs offer a built in digital wallet combined with a reloadable prepaid card offering the fastest funding option in the industry. With our white labeled reloadable cards we enable you to fund on demand and provide you a new revenue stream sharing in the transaction fees. In addition, our factoring software enables your clients to exercise control over fund distribution. From the digital wallet, your clients have the flexibility to initiate ACH and Wire transfers, fund Fuel cards, and transfer funds to their cards. WinFactorPay offers real-time funding accessibility 24/7, presenting a significant competitive advantage by enabling funding outside of banking hours. Learn more about WinFactorPay.

WinFactor’s entire platform is mobile friendly and built to be responsive to any device you are using. Leverage the full power of our software on a desktop computer or iPad. If you are on the run, download or Android or iOS apps to access your information on the go. With our mobile apps you can easily search invoices, use our Credit Alliance, upload documents and check balances. Offer your clients WinFactor’s mobile app to make their invoice submission easier and  optimize their workflow. Learn more about our mobile apps..

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WinFactor™ has been providing the best factoring software for over 28 years. Our factoring programs are designed specifically for the Transportation Factor. Every feature and function of our factoring company software is designed to make your workflow easier and faster.