Introduction to Sunbelt Finance

Mickey Seeman, the owner of Sunbelt Finance based in Jonesboro, Arkansas, embarked on their journey in factoring back in 1995. Initially managing their operations using Excel, they later sought specialized factoring software, leading them to explore various options in the market.

Mickey Seeman

Owner, Sunbelt Finance

Discovering WinFactor™: A
Paradigm Shift

Reflecting on their quest for suitable factoring software, Mickey shared, “Around 1997, a friendly competitor told me they were using WinFactor™ and they sure liked it.” Intrigued by this recommendation, Sunbelt Finance decided to give WinFactor™ a try, and Mickey likened WinFactor’s appeal to Apple’s intuitive logic compared to other software’s IBM-like complexity.

Seamless Onboarding and Intuitive Functionality

One aspect that impressed Sunbelt Finance was WinFactor’s ease of use and quick onboarding process. Mickey highlighted, “It only takes a couple of days for folks to get trained up and using it, and after a week, they’re really good at it.” Sunbelt Finance found WinFactor’s logic flow easy to grasp, making the transition significantly quicker and smoother than other software solutions.

Key Factors for Long-Term Commitment

Having used WinFactor™ for over 25 years, Mickey attributed their continued loyalty to WinFactor to its ease of use and continuous improvement. Mickey praised WinFactor’s user-friendly interface, contrasting it with competing software, which often seemed complex and cumbersome.

He remarked, “The competing software’s are just not near as easy to use; it often looks to me like you need to have a full-blown accounting degree to even use some of the competing software.”


Sunbelt Finance’s enduring partnership with WinFactor™ highlights the user-friendly interface, and continuous improvement over time.

The intuitive logic, swift onboarding, and robust features have been instrumental in Sunbelt Finance’s success and long-term commitment to WinFactor™. Make the switch to WinFactor™ today.

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