Introduction to G Squared Funding

Ron Gabbai, the Managing Member of G Squared Funding, commenced their factoring journey in 2010. In 2016, realizing their existing software wasn’t meeting their evolving needs, they embarked on a quest for a more suitable solution.

Ron Gabbai

Managing Member, G Squared Funding

Discovering WinFactor: A Quest for Enhanced Features

Ron explained, “Amongst several, we started testing different systems to see what kind of features they had, how user-friendly they are, and of course, the cost.” WinFactor™ emerged as the winner, meeting their feature requirements and budget.

Features and Value

Ron highlighted WinFactor’s inclusive features as a key deciding factor. He emphasized, “A lot of features were included in WinFactor™ compared to other solutions where separate modules needed to be purchased.” Additionally, the robust reporting capabilities of WinFactor™ solved Ron’s challenges with accurate aging reports.

Detailed Transaction Breakdown

WinFactor’s reporting provided a detailed breakdown of transactions, which was immensely beneficial for Ron. He highlighted, “WinFactor™ actually shows how much you paid to a fuel card and here’s exactly what you paid via ACH and here is what you paid via wire.” This level of detail allowed Ron to track specific allocations within transactions, providing a comprehensive view of fund disbursement and aiding in client reconciliation.

Efficiency and Speed

Another significant aspect of WinFactor’s reporting that Ron appreciated was its speed. He noted, “You click on a report and it gets there within seconds, not hours.” This efficiency in generating reports allowed Ron to access critical financial data promptly, without wasting time waiting for extensive processing.

Smooth Transition and Data Migration

Migrating from one software to another is often a daunting task, especially in detail-oriented industries like factoring. Ron commended WinFactor™ for making the transition seamless, stating, “They seamlessly handled supporting us in moving our data from the old factoring software over to WinFactor™.”

Favorite Features and User Preferences

For Ron, the standout feature was WinFactor’s robust reporting capabilities, facilitating precise tracking and reconciliation of transactions. He lauded, “The reporting within WinFactor™ is very good and fast.” Conversely, Ron’s staff favored the streamlined document management features provided by DocInflow, saving time and enhancing efficiency. Ron stated, “The staff loves that WinFactor™ offers them the capability to manipulate uploaded paperwork within the system. Tasks such as moving invoice pages up or down and removing pages is seamless within WinFactor™.”


G Squared Funding’s adoption of WinFactor™ marked a turning point in their factoring operations. The software’s comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and robust reporting capabilities resonated well with both the financial-oriented management and the operational staff. The seamless transition and powerful functionalities of WinFactor™ continue to support G Squared Funding’s success in the intricate landscape of factoring operations. Make the switch to WinFactor™ today.

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