Introduction to Wallace Factoring

Tyler Dossett, Manager at Wallace Factoring, diligently explored various factoring software options to find the most suitable solution for their company. After thoroughly assessing four different platforms, Wallace Factoring elected to adopt WinFactor™.

Tyler Dossett

Manager, Wallace Factoring

Exploring Different Solutions

Tyler involved his staff in extensive trials of each popular factoring software package. The initial software lacked a crucial feature present in WinFactor—its powerful document inflow system. The second option, though offering a similar feature, suffered from implementation issues leading to inaccurate entries. Subpar support responses further deterred Tyler from continuing with this provider.

Challenges with Alternatives

The third software seemed promising at first, boasting a document inflow feature similar to WinFactor’s. However, recurring issues surfaced, ranging from the need for manual entries during chargebacks to reporting limitations. Additionally, the provider removed the document inflow-like feature, causing inconvenience and dissatisfaction among Wallace Factoring’s staff.

Key Decision Factor: Trustworthiness and Superior Features

Embracing WinFactor’s innovative DocInflow feature, Wallace Factoring effectively revolutionized their office paperwork management, significantly boosting staff efficiency and alleviating decades-long paperwork burdens.

Tyler reiterated the paramount importance of trust in selecting WinFactor, highlighting their decades-long industry expertise. The document inflow feature emerged as a favorite among Wallace Factoring’s team, empowering them with efficiency and accuracy. Tyler expressed confidence in WinFactor’s ability to continually enhance its offerings, recognizing the software’s unmatched experience.

Tyler’s Additional Insights

Tyler emphasized his confidence in WinFactor, stating, “I trust WinFactor™—when I post entries, they’re right.” Celebrating their transition to WinFactor, Tyler’s team embraced the software’s efficiency. “My employees celebrated our move to WinFactor™. Document Inflow has really helped make their workday as efficient as possible.”


Tyler’s meticulous evaluation of multiple factoring software options culminated in Wallace Factoring’s adoption of WinFactor™. The platform’s superior features, steadfast support, and commitment to continuous improvement perfectly aligned with their needs, leading to a successful and celebrated transition within the company.

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