Simplifying Invoice Submission:WinFactor™ Integrates Seamlessly with TMS for Carriers and Factors

In the fast-paced world of trucking and logistics, efficiency is key. WinFactor understands this necessity and continually strives to enhance operations for both carriers and factors within the industry. A pivotal aspect of this enhancement is the integration of WinFactor software with Transportation Management Systems (TMS). TMS platforms play a critical role in optimizing logistics and managing transportation-related activities for carriers.

WinFactor's Integration with TMS

WinFactor's integration with TMS systems marks a significant leap forward in simplifying the invoice submission process. For our factoring clients utilizing WinFactor software, this integration streamlines the handling of invoices and associated images. The entire process is now achievable with the click of a button within the carriers' TMS software, enabling them to effortlessly submit invoices directly to WinFactor.

This integration boasts a remarkable advantage: WinFactor automatically extracts the text content of these invoices and populates it within our system. This functionality significantly reduces the workload for both factors and carriers. Factors can swiftly review the data, already conveniently available within WinFactor, making the invoice processing seamless and efficient.

Advantages for Carriers and Factors

Carriers benefit immensely from this integration as it simplifies the traditionally cumbersome task of invoice submission. By integrating their TMS with WinFactor, carriers can conveniently transmit invoices directly from their TMS software. This integration streamlines the entire submission and payment processing workflow, allowing carriers to focus on their core operations without the burden of manual paperwork.

Factors also experience a remarkable improvement in their workflow. With the extracted invoice content readily available within WinFactor, factors can process and fund submitted invoices at an accelerated pace. This streamlined process ensures faster payment cycles, enhancing overall efficiency and satisfaction for both carriers and factors.

Announcement of Integration with Smartboard TMS

Excitingly, WinFactor is proud to announce an integration with Smartboard TMS, a significant milestone in our commitment to supporting carriers and factors within the trucking industry. This integration provides carriers utilizing Smartboard TMS an optimized and user-friendly experience while submitting invoices to factors leveraging the WinFactor platform.

This enhancement not only benefits carriers by simplifying their invoice submission process but also supports factors in efficiently processing invoices submitted through Smartboard TMS. WinFactor is dedicated to providing the best-in-class solutions to empower both carriers and factors, and this integration with Smartboard TMS reflects our ongoing commitment.


In conclusion, WinFactor's integration with TMS systems represents a game-changer for carriers and factors in the trucking industry. The seamless submission of invoices directly from TMS platforms to WinFactor simplifies operations, reduces manual efforts, and accelerates payment cycles. With the recent integration with Smartboard TMS, WinFactor reaffirms its dedication to revolutionizing the trucking industry's invoice management process.

We encourage carriers and factors to embrace this integration, as it promises heightened efficiency and convenience, ultimately paving the way for a smoother and more streamlined trucking ecosystem.