WinFactor™ Offers the Best Invoice Financing Software

In the world of transportation factoring, efficiency, accuracy, and speed are paramount. The right software can make all the difference, and WinFactor™ stands out as the pinnacle of excellence in invoice financing solutions.

All-in-One Efficiency

Why pay extra for third-party invoice and billing automation software when WinFactor offers everything you need within its comprehensive platform? At WinFactor™, DocInflow is more than a feature; it’s an integrated part of the platform. This cutting-edge tool digitizes invoice documents, seamlessly attaches factors’ invoices and notices of assignment (NOA), and swiftly dispatches them to billing. DocInflow accomplishes this through various methods, including image processing, email account representation, document inflow via email, spreadsheet invoice entry, mobile client portal, bulk document uploads, and TMS integration.

Versatile Invoice Submission

WinFactor’s all-in-one document inflow system provides seven distinct methods for submitting invoices. Its proprietary document inflow system utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for rapid and precise data entry. Notably, it calculates clients’ credit limits and total accounts receivable (AR) during the purchase process, cross-referencing against fraud and golden documents to prevent purchasing invoices with fraudulent rate sheets.

Streamlined Operations

Manually inputting invoices and data into your factoring system is laborious, prone to inefficiencies, and costly. WinFactor’s Document Inflow system is engineered to enhance your staff’s productivity, expedite processes, and minimize errors. If you’re swamped with paperwork and antiquated procedures, WinFactor is your solution. Making the transition to WinFactor™ revolutionizes your operations, providing unparalleled efficiency and empowering transportation factors to streamline their businesses.


WinFactor emerges as the undisputed leader in the realm of invoice financing software for transportation factors. With its comprehensive platform, including DocInflow and versatile invoice submission methods, WinFactor redefines efficiency, accuracy, and simplicity in the invoice financing landscape.

Ready to elevate your transportation factoring operations? Choose WinFactor and experience why it’s the preferred choice among industry professionals.