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Are you currently Factoring (buying invoices)? If so, how do you track your purchases?

What advance percentage do you typically give a client. (i.e. 80%, 90%)?

Please outline a typical time based fee structure (if any). (i.e. 3% for 1 to 30 days, 5 % for 31 to 60, etc)

Do you also charge any up front fees? If so please describe.

Do have any other charges that you take out of an advance (like wire transfer fees, etc)?

Here is a sample transaction: If you could modify it to represent a typical transaction for your company.

Purchase an invoice for $10,000 and Advance the client 80%. You charge a 1% up front fee (sometimes called a transaction fee). You also collect a $10 wire transfer fee. The invoice pay is 30 days, so you change them 3% of the invoice amount.

$10,000 Invoice Amount
$8,000 Advance Amount
$100 up front 1% transaction fee
$10 wire transfer fee
$7,890 net check

After you get paid for the invoice:

$2,000 Reserve
$ 300 Fee (3% of $10,000)
$1,700 Net Rebate

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