Letters from our Customers

Mike, I want to congratulate you and your staff for developing a truly user friendly software.
As an owner of three businesses, only one of which is “factoring”, I have been involved in the purchase of several software packages over the years. Without exception, these packages had bugs and peculiarities “not explained” by the salespeople. All of which we had to “work around”.

After purchasing WinFactor and expecting to see these same problems, I am truly amazed at how easy and trouble free your system really is.

The fields populate quickly and accurately; all the math works; the reports are excellent; and the downloads to QuickBooks were quick and easy … the download was the part of the system I was most dreading (they never seem to work correctly).

And by the way, we love the scan feature … as well as appreciate your recommendations for hardware.

Mike, thanks again. This software has made our jobs simple and “much” more efficient.

Edgar E. Reddick
General Partner

Dear Mike.

I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the WinFactor Program. We have had the program for a number of years and we chose it after looking at several other programs. Our staff finds WinFactor easy to understand, easy to manipulate and very intuitive. Our new employees can find their way around the program in a very short time and the learning curve for them to become proficient is greatly reduced. We are amazed at the ease of generating the reports necessary to help us make informed and timely decisions for our company and our clients. New client set-up is easy and straight forward. The collections program makes it easier for us to retrieve all of our information at the touch of a button.

Being a “customer first” company ourselves, we are impressed with the courtesy and accuracy with which we are treated when we call. You and your staff have always provided timely answers to any questions we have along with excellent response time adding any features that we may require.

Joseph D. Estess