Missing Paperwork Tracking Feature

Sometimes it is necessary to purchase an invoice even though some of the paperwork is missing or is difficult to read. WinFactor allows you to flag an invoice as having “Missing Paperwork” and gives your team the ability to track these invoices and follow up on the paperwork.

Through the Client Portal, your clients can view all the invoices that are marked as Missing Paperwork. From that list they can view the invoice details and view any documents that you DO have. They can also upload the missing paperwork right from the portal!

Once you have activated the feature, you cal individually select the invoices that are missing paperwork, or you can mark all the invoices on the Advance Schedule as needing paperwork using the button “Mark all Invoices on this Schedule as missing Paperwork”.

Follow up from the Workflow screen

Under WorkFlow, Missing Paper Work, you can see all the invoices that are flagged as “Missing Paperwork”. Once the Client gets you the paperwork that you need, you can click on the button “Mark as Paperwork Received”. This will remove the invoice from this Workflow Screen.

One handy feature on this screen is the button marked “Email Link to Client” This will allow you to select Client contacts to send a link to. You can also specify the Subject and Body of the email. The link they receive will auto-login them to the Client Portal and take them directly to the Missing Paperwork Screen.

Once the Client clicks on the link in the email, they will be logged into the Client Portal automatically. Then the system will take them to the Missing Paperwork screen where they can see all the invoices that are marked as needing paperwork! The Client can click on the View link to see the Invoice Details screen. Here they can see your Invoice Notes and any current paperwork that has been uploaded. They can also upload new paperwork for the Invoices.

WinFactor will email a notice to users that a new document was uploaded by the client, based on the settings on the Users screen.

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