WinFactor is affordable and easy to use. Designed just for Factoring Companies, WinFactor will calculate accurate fees & charges and generate reports at any step in the factoring transaction. Your bankers and auditors will love the clear verification and documentation that WinFactor offers.

  • WinFactor is Cloud based – Complete Security with No Server Maintenance to worry about
  • Integrates with QuickBooks and Dynamics
  • No Additional Charge for Client Web Portal
  • Complete Recourse Control at Your Fingertips
  • Automatic Invoice Verification
  • Accommodates Brokers, Co-Factors and Other Third Parties
  • Custom Fields to Support Your Business

WinFactor makes it easy!



Web Access for Your Clients

Client Web access allows your clients to log in to a secure Web portal to view and print real-time reports.

This feature is included free of charge with WinFactor Cloud.

Integrated Document Scanning Option

WinFactor has an integrated document scanning feature that allows you to scan

– Invoices (including Proof of Deliveries, Bills of Lading, etc.)
– Checks and Vouchers
– Client Documents (letters of agreement, etc.)
– Customer Documents

This feature saves you time and money by allowing you access to these documents on the advance, collection and invoice finder screens. In addition, you can print, fax or annotate these documents … all right from within WinFactor!

WinFactor will work with any TWAIN compliant scanner. To learn more about your scanner options, click here.

This optional feature adds 20% to the total lease price (which is based on number of users.)

Fuel Advances made easy with Latest WinFactor Feature

Client Fuel Advances can be an important part of your factoring business and WinFactor affords you an array of options to make it easy and profitable. This feature read more


Experian Factor Trade Group

Join Experian’s Factor Trade Group and enjoy the benefits of Experian reporting at a discounted rate. To join the goup, you must sign up and submit monthly Customer aging files to Experian. WinFactor makes it easy by creating the export file for you!

To join, contact:

Sally Wilson Sr. Sales Executive
Experian Business Information Solutions
phone 224-698-8933 fax 847-619-1974
email sally.wilson@experian.com