When I start WinFactor, I receive the following error message.

“The expression On Open you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: Object or Class does not support the set of events.”

This happens on Vista PCs with Access 2007 installed. Once Access 2007 is started, it breaks some of the DLLs that Access 2003 uses. And when Access 2003 tries to re-register the library DLL’s Vista¬†blocks the process as a security ‘feature’. There are two solutions depending on if you need to run Access 2007 on your computer.
– If you do not use Access 2007, re-run the WinFactor demo install (save your files first if you have any data you need to save) This will re-register the library files that are broken. Then you can run WinFactor using the standard startup icon.
– If you also use Access 2007 on your PC, you can modify the WinFactor startup link to use the new version of Access to run WinFactor.

click here to read the microsoft article about this issue.

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