When I log into WinFactor, I get the error message “You have exceeded the number of users you have licensed for WinFactor. Someone must get out before another user can get in. If you feel this message is in error, get everyone out of WinFactor, delete the file wf30data.ldb in your data directory and try again. User Count = 15”?

WinFactor tracks the number of people logged into the system in a file called wf30data.ldb. Sometimes, a user does not get cleared out of this file when they exit WinFactor. As a result, the file will think more people are logged in than actually are. To resolve this, log everyone out of WinFactor and delete the file wf30data.ldb located in your data path. (if it still exist .. normally when the last person logs out, the system will delete the file for you.)

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