I am getting a database corrupt error message, what do I do?

If the error says the corrupt database is wf30data.mdb, this means your main datafile is corrupt. 99% of the time it can be repaired with no data loss. If the repair process fails, you should be prepared to restore this file from your nightly backup.

These steps require a basic understanding of working with files in Windows. If you are not comfortable with these instructions, you should get help from your IT support person.

First, download the Jet database repair utility by clicking here. Save it in the same directory as your datafile. (for single user licenses, this file is usually stored in c:\program files\winfactor 3.0\) For multi-user versions, this file is on the network somewhere. Open the folder you just saved the jetcomp.zip file to and unzip the file. Run Jetcomp.exe. Here you select the wf30data.mdb file as the source, then enter a target with the name wf30data-fixed.mdb. Before you click on compact, be sure to select the destination format as 3.x (instead of 4.x)

Click on the ‘Compact’ button. If it completes without any errors, rename the source file wf30data.mdb to something like wf30data.bak and rename the new file you created (wf30data-fixed.mdb as wf30data.mdb)

That should fix the corruption error!

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