I am confused with the Hybrid (As of Date). When entering the to: Date I would expect the report to only calculate from the advance date to the to: Date, However, it calculates from the current date. What is the meaning of the to: Date if not to alter the calculation? The Hybrid (As of Date) is exactly like the Hybrid Bracket report.

The purpose of the Hybrid (As of Date) is to show what the Aging picture was at a point in time. When you enter an ‘As of Date’ it will show you only invoices advanced prior to that date and will reflect only receipts posted before that date. So the number you want to look at is the total outstanding dollars. As for the age of each invoice (which the report also shows,) it is calculated based on the current date. This is not a problem since the purpose of this report is to show the A/R dollars at a point in time, not the age of invoices at some prior point in time.

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