How do I create a letter of notification from WinFactor?

From the Client screen, click on the customers tab and select the customer you want to send the letter to. Then click on the button “Create letter of Notification” If this is the first time you have done this, you may be prompted for some initial setup information. First, WinFactor needs to know where Microsoft Word is located on your PC. If the path is not setup correctly on the company info screen, WinFactor will prompt you for the location of Word. If you are prompted for the location of Word and do not know where the program is located, click on start, search Files and Folders and search from winword.exe Once Windows finds the file, note the path where the file is located and enter that into WinFactor.

Next it will open a generic letter of notification mail merge document (called notify.doc) This is a Word mail merge document and it may prompt you for the location of the data source file (temp_ver.doc) Choose browse and point to the file which will be located in the same directory as Microsoft Word. Once you have selected the source file, edit the document to read the way you want it to and save it as notify.doc.

From the Mail Merge Tool Bar, select merge to new document and you will have your letter of notification merged with the client and customer information (address, phone number ,etc)

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