WinFactor Desktop

WinFactor Desktop

In relation to the implementation of the software, would we be able to install the software on our server (rather than running it over the web)?

Yes, we have a desktop version. However, the cloud-based software has extra features that are not included in the desktop version.

Some import/export buttons come up with the error “couldn’t find installable ISAM”, how do I fix this?

This problem is caused by a missing or unregistered .dll WinFactor uses for exporting. To fix the problem, first find out if the driver for this file is on your PC. Do a search for the file msexcl35.dll (it should be in C:\WINDOWS\system32\) If the file is there, then try re-registering it by running.

regsvr32 C:\windows\systems32\ msexcl35.dll

Restart WinFactor and see if the import/export runs now. If not, then check the registry to see if it has the correct path. Run Regedit and look in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Jet\3.5\Engines\Excel . Correct the path if it does not point to the location of the file (msexcl35.dll)

If the file (msexcl35.dll) is not on your PC, download this zip file Uncompress it and run the setup program. This program will install the missing ISAM dll’s needed to import and export some types of data. Then restart WinFactor and see if the error comes back. If it does, use the steps above to find the location of the file (msexcl35.dll) and see if the registry entry for it is correct. If it path in the registry is invalid, correct it.

Once you have confirmed that the file is on your PC, it is registered and that the path is correct, WinFactor will be able to use the ISAM driver.

If you receive this error message when generating the letter of notification, use the steps above but with the dll: MSTEXT35.DLL

When WinFactor opens, I get the following error message:

PurgeCustomReports: _cr Advance Check: The Delete Object action was canceled

– or –

GetCustomReports: The TransferDatabase action was canceled
This is caused by a permissions problem when WinFactor is reading in Custom Reports. To solve this problem, exit WinFactor and download this file and unzip it into the directory c:\program files\winfactor 3.5\ replacing the existing file wf35.mdw

I have purchased the web upload feature, can it upload PDF’s instead of the default SNP file?

Yes! purchase PDF995 and install it on the PC you use to upload reports. Then, on the Company Info screen, select the Web Upload Tab and click on ‘Upload Reports using PDF format”

When I log into WinFactor, I get the error message “You have exceeded the number of users you have licensed for WinFactor. Someone must get out before another user can get in. If you feel this message is in error, get everyone out of WinFactor, delete the file wf30data.ldb in your data directory and try again. User Count = 15”?

WinFactor tracks the number of people logged into the system in a file called wf30data.ldb. Sometimes, a user does not get cleared out of this file when they exit WinFactor. As a result, the file will think more people are logged in than actually are. To resolve this, log everyone out of WinFactor and delete the file wf30data.ldb located in your data path. (if it still exist .. normally when the last person logs out, the system will delete the file for you.)

I am getting a database corrupt error message, what do I do?

If the error says the corrupt database is wf30data.mdb, this means your main datafile is corrupt. 99% of the time it can be repaired with no data loss. If the repair process fails, you should be prepared to restore this file from your nightly backup.

These steps require a basic understanding of working with files in Windows. If you are not comfortable with these instructions, you should get help from your IT support person.

First, download the Jet database repair utility by clicking here. Save it in the same directory as your datafile. (for single user licenses, this file is usually stored in c:\program files\winfactor 3.0\) For multi-user versions, this file is on the network somewhere. Open the folder you just saved the file to and unzip the file. Run Jetcomp.exe. Here you select the wf30data.mdb file as the source, then enter a target with the name wf30data-fixed.mdb. Before you click on compact, be sure to select the destination format as 3.x (instead of 4.x)

Click on the ‘Compact’ button. If it completes without any errors, rename the source file wf30data.mdb to something like wf30data.bak and rename the new file you created (wf30data-fixed.mdb as wf30data.mdb)

That should fix the corruption error!

How do I create a letter of notification from WinFactor?

From the Client screen, click on the customers tab and select the customer you want to send the letter to. Then click on the button “Create letter of Notification” If this is the first time you have done this, you may be prompted for some initial setup information. First, WinFactor needs to know where Microsoft Word is located on your PC. If the path is not setup correctly on the company info screen, WinFactor will prompt you for the location of Word. If you are prompted for the location of Word and do not know where the program is located, click on start, search Files and Folders and search from winword.exe Once Windows finds the file, note the path where the file is located and enter that into WinFactor.

Next it will open a generic letter of notification mail merge document (called notify.doc) This is a Word mail merge document and it may prompt you for the location of the data source file (temp_ver.doc) Choose browse and point to the file which will be located in the same directory as Microsoft Word. Once you have selected the source file, edit the document to read the way you want it to and save it as notify.doc.

From the Mail Merge Tool Bar, select merge to new document and you will have your letter of notification merged with the client and customer information (address, phone number ,etc)

When I start WinFactor, I receive the following error message.

“The expression On Open you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: Object or Class does not support the set of events.”

This happens on Vista PCs with Access 2007 installed. Once Access 2007 is started, it breaks some of the DLLs that Access 2003 uses. And when Access 2003 tries to re-register the library DLL’s Vista blocks the process as a security ‘feature’. There are two solutions depending on if you need to run Access 2007 on your computer.
– If you do not use Access 2007, re-run the WinFactor demo install (save your files first if you have any data you need to save) This will re-register the library files that are broken. Then you can run WinFactor using the standard startup icon.
– If you also use Access 2007 on your PC, you can modify the WinFactor startup link to use the new version of Access to run WinFactor.

click here to read the microsoft article about this issue.