Transaction Edits

Transaction Edits

In the Receipt Entry screen, the system assumes that the payment is made by check and requires that a check number is entered. How do we enter a payment that is made by direct transfer into our account?

Most of our users will put the direct transfer reference number in place of the check number.  You can also use the receipt notes for this info.

We have a number of invoices we have inputted into the system under a certain date with zero advance. We now would like to advance against only one of those invoices but at a different date to the batch date. We do want to change the advance date for all invoices in the batch. We have tried to use the additional advance screen but noticed that the date of the advance is still the batch date. Could you please let us know how we can advance against a specific invoice that has already been previously processed?

You were on the right track!  If the invoice is already in the system, you want to use Additional Advances.   Here are the steps:

1) Click on Additional Advances

2) Select your client and terms

3) Put in a description and a check number.  You can also override the check date if you need to.

At this point you will see a list of all outstanding invoices (these are the ones eligible to be advanced on.)  You will also see the amount advanced so far, per invoice.  Enter in the amount you want to advance next to the invoice and click process.

Don’t worry – you can always undo an additional advance from the history screen if it does not turn out the way you wanted!

I have exported an advance into Quickbooks, now I need to go back and edit this advance, but it is locked, what do I do?

Go to the Advance that you want to unlock, click on the tab ‘Other Settings’ and double click on the check mark next to ‘QB Exported’. WinFactor will ask you if you want to unlock this Advance, click on Yes. Then it will ask you if you want ‘Unmark the Advance as exported, answer No to that.

Now you can edit the Advance, when you close out, WinFactor will re-lock the advance. If you make any changes that have financial implications, be sure to correct them in QuickBooks as well.

Is it possible to amend a receipt after it has been settled? If not, where can we correct an error?

Yes, you can undo a receipt from the receipt history screen, but that is only allowed if the invoice has NOT been settled and the receipt has not been exported to QuickBooks. (Both are for accounting control reasons.)  If you have already settled the invoice, you will need to undo that first, and then undo the receipt.

Is it possible to edit an entry after it has been saved in the system? For example, once a receipt has been entered into the system.

You can return to the Advances screen to edit an Advance – All subsequent steps involving that transaction have to be undone first, in reverse order.  To undo a Receipt, Settlement or Rebate check, click on History, select the type of transaction you want to reverse and select Undo.

Please Note: if you have posted any of these transactions to your accounting system, they cannot be undone or edited, this gives you accounting control!