If we wanted to create another data base for test purposes, how do we do this? We would like to have one data base with actual data in it and a second data base with test data so we can keep practicing and for training purposes.

WinFactor supports that!  You just make a copy of the data file (wf30data.mdb) and place it in a different folder.  Then, on the company info screen, you can switch between databases.  We do license the software by company, so if you needed that feature for the long term, you would have to pay for a separate company, but for the short term we can set that up for you while you are testing.

How do you support customers in different countries?

WinFactor cloud allows us to connect to your session interactively for immediate assistance. For overseas calls (we are located in Florida, USA) we can use either Skype or Go to Meeting.


If we were to transition to WinFactor, would you be able to upload our existing data to your system from our current program?

It is possible but the extent of the work will vary. Send us what the exported data looks like; we can give you a quote to convert it into our system at our regular hourly rate.