Scanning FAQ


What scanner should I use with WinFactor.

Any TWAIN scanner will work.  See the table below for some models our customers have purchased.

Scanner Model Price Notes

Visioneer Strobe Series
$200 to $300 Takes single sheets at a time, easier than a flatbed to scan.  200 dpi BW takes about 15 seconds per page.  Not a bad scanner for light work.

Visioneer 9450
$500 This entry model ADF (Auto Document Feeder)  is inexpensive, but we have had reports that it jams or double feeds a lot.  If you want an ADF, you should probably spend a little more.

Canon DR-2080C
$700 This is a very popular scanner.  It handles a wide range of document sizes.

Canon DR 3060
about $3000 If you are serious about scanning, this is the scanner of choice. It will scan almost any size document with speed and great contrast. It is grayscale only, but can scan up to 86 images per minute. Presorting, rescanning, and frequent paper jams have been virtually eliminated
High speed scanners … $1500 and up If you are scanning hundreds of pages a day, you should invest in a high speed scanner.  In the long run they will save you money in man hours and reliability.

What software do I need to scan info WinFactor?

First, you need a scanner that has a Twain driver, most do.  Check with your scanner manufacturer to see if it has a TWAIN driver.

Next, install the free TSScan software on each computer that you want to have scanning on:

click on Download and download the Client Download (it is free)  Be careful not to download the server version.

Once you have TS Scan installed and a TWAIN scanner you should be all set to scan!

It will work in demo mode while you give it a try.  If you want to move forward with using it, we charge 20% of your lease amount per year, this covers the file storage and backups, etc.