General FAQ


Will it run under Windows 7?

Yes! Our cloud software works with any version of Windows.

Where is the software resident (i.e. servers?)

WinFactor resides on a secure cloud server, accessed by remote desktop protocol.  Server maintenance and automatic backups are included.

What operating systems will WinFactor run under?

WinFactor will run on any 32 bit Windows platform Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP and will work on any network.

How do you move WinFactor from one PC to another device?

To access WinFactor from another PC, Mac, tablet or other device you will need to use a Remote Desktop Protocol shortcut. The RDP shortcut can be emailed as an attachment from one device to another. Or, contact WinFactor support for the shortcut.

Please note:  iPads require an RDP app ( such as  iTap or Wyse – around $10 from the App Store )

How do you backup the system?

With WinFactor cloud, no effort is required on your part to backup your data. Our secure cloud server backs up on an hourly basis.

What computers or devises can I use with WinFactor?

WinFactor is cloud based, so you can use a PC, Mac, a tablet or all of the them at your convenience.