How to download and install the WinFactor update

  1. From the Desktop Updates page, click on WinFactor! 3.5 (R0.0063)
  2. The next steps will vary depending on what browser you are using and what browser settings you have. The goal is to save/download the file to your computer. Find your next step in one of these:

    Internet Explorer
    winfactor-instructions-04Mozilla Firefox – click Save File.

    Google Chrome will start downloading.

  3. Make sure that the file is in C:\Program Files\winfactor 3.5\Internet Explorer
    winfactor-instructions-05Mozilla FireFox – click the download button in the toolbar, click the folder icon, move the downloaded file to C:\Program Files\winfactor 3.5\.

    Google Chrome – at the bottom of the screen, click the arrow next to the downloaded file, select Open in folder, then move the file to C:\Program Files\winfactor 3.5\.

Now start using WinFactor and you should have the latest version. You can double check the version number in the lower left hand corner with the revision number on the update page.