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Missing Paperwork Tracking Feature

Sometimes it is necessary to purchase an invoice even though some of the paperwork is missing or is difficult to read. WinFactor allows you to flag an invoice as having “Missing Paperwork” and gives your team the ability to track

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WinFactor Staff Rescues Five Kittens

In the Spring of 2015, we noticed a pregnant stray kitty that was living in downtown Winter Haven.  We feed the stray cats and try to catch them to get them fixed and to get their shots, but ‘Valentine’ found

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Why we named our factoring software WinFactor

Way back in 1993 we were hired to write a factoring program for a local factoring company called ‘Bay Area Factors’.  They were using a spreadsheet to track the invoices that they factored and their bank, which held their line

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ePolk retrieves data as twister bears down on Miss. client

The timing was remarkable. A planned data conversion was quickly accelerated on Friday afternoon with deadly tornadoes bearing down on the community of Fulton, Miss. ePolk, Inc. the Winter Haven-based technology firm, was on schedule to convert the Wallace Company’s

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